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Welcome to Kaschta Café 



We are KASCHTA Team! We have come from the depths of human history to Hanover to innovate hospitality.

At Cafe KASCHTA you can experience the Sudanese coffee preparation and the Sudanese coffee flavour! On top we have exceptional, specially prepared sweets and famous local pastries. We also offer three different traditional Sudanese cold drinks. We thus enrich the familiar coffee menu and realise a new concept of hospitality.

KASCHTA is a café that combines the spirit of ancient human history and the rhythm of modern times in Hanover. It is reminiscent of the spirit of Africa.

From this inspiration comes our brand, our activity, our products and the design of the premises. Through this approach, we enrich our society in Hanover with another cultural facet.


Self Understanding

KASCHTA Café is a comprehensive concept of existence and work that has political, social, cultural and economic effects. 

The Kaschta Café is a place for global citizens, a meeting place for cosmopolitans. The renowned philosopher Hannah Arendt, who was also born in Hanover, Germany, once said: ‘The fact that I exist means that I can change the world.’ We want to be guided by this quote and show our attitude of participation and sharing through our brand, which has historical, human and creative essence.

We see ourselves as hospitality innovators in its broader social aspect. 

Our Team

We are KASCHTA! We have come to Hanover from the depths of human history to innovate hospitality.

Hospitality is our passion and through it we can create jobs to help ourselves and many people in our communities. We would like to share Sudanese delicacies in Hanover and create a new space for cultural togetherness.

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